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Website Update Request

Most website updates can be easily carried out by yourself. View our easy short training videos here.

We ask that this form is used to request website updates as this request is logged, and distributed to appropriate team members. Changes are usually charged at £35 + vat per half an hour on Digimax websites. Sites not designed by Digimax, attract a half hourly charge of £55 + vat.

You can request multiple updates by clicking the "add" button below


Please provide us as much information as possible. If there are multiple pages to make changes to, specify the web address / URL of each page in the box above. Here is how you can get the URL/Link:

Upload any files that we require for your website update. This can also be screenshots.

Each file can be 10 MB


File name:

File size:

As a trusted design agency with a large client-base, we have numerous projects at any one time and run a very tight schedule in order to deliver to deadline. When necessary, we are happy to accommodate urgent requests which have a 24 to 48 hour turnaround. Whilst we will deliver these requests with the same level of professionalism and finish as our regular work, these requests require schedule adjustments and overtime. For these reasons, please be aware that requests requiring a 24 to 48 hour turnaround (not including weekends / bank holidays) will attract a 40% surcharge.

Example: Promo / offer

Please note that this may add a delay to your website update request.